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5. this will Ok, the Vehicle is a 1999 Chevy 3500 HD. The reverse clutch in the transmission may have become dislodged. . In regards to the question from DougO on the converter. No reverse only idle power available on flat or inclined surfaces only. hey guys so here is my intro i am a new father as of march 8th 2011 to a babygirl and am very happy to bring her home in my trailblazer 4l60e. I did some looking in my manual and online, and in heavy towing applications the forward clutches or forward clutch drum are known to fail leaving you with no forward but reverse is fine. All forward gears are there. What should I look for? thanks, Larry So cranked the truck, transmission went into reverse and all the forward gears. Apr 06, 2011 · First off you should check your pressures and if there good then you will need to remove the pump and check the 4 teflon o-rings on the input shaft, that is the most likely cause for revers but no forward gears. The manual valve body is used when a transbrake is not needed, such as tractor pull, monster truck, and other track applications. Sounds reverse. No codes are set for transmission or engine and these were read at idle and at 25mph. Filter may also be getting restricted, slowing fluid flow, but that should affect drive also. Our Remanufactured Transmissions are rebuilt to meet OEM standards, come with a 5 Year Unlimited Millage Warranty and Torque Converter. It will provide full manual control over all shifts, and deliver them without delay or time costly overlap. Thinking maybe a TH400 or 2wd 4L80E to replace it. Cause: two things make this transmission back up: one the reverse input clutches, can be wiped out due to bushing wear and ring damage on stator, second is low reverse clutches wiped out. Fluid level, color and smell are good. As mentioned above, what was the rear hole in the frame rails for the cross member will now be the front hole. When I put the car in drive, it needs some considerable throttle input to get it to move forward; almost like it's slipping, or in 2nd. 4L80E Transmissions At Wholesale Prices At Street Smart, we provide remanufactured transmissions shipped factory direct at wholesale prices to save you money. I got a 4L80E out of a '99 3500HD, it might have been a tow vehicle, it had 60,000 miles on it. 48, 1. 7. 5" w/ Spragless Steel Stator with no Lock Up Clutch 2JZ SFI Approved Billet Flexplate, Adapter & Starter Shim for Chevy Transmission **New Lighter Flywheel as of March 1st 2014** 5lbs lighter than old version ARP Flywheel Bolts for SFI Approved 2JZ Flexplate Gm 4L60E transmission technical information. remove the linkage and park rod and look at the end, it may be the crimp is worn/broken off and end of rod has 4L80E D1 Transbrake Instructions Installation of the Jake's Performance 4L80E Transbrake will require some internal modifications. This is a discussion on 4l80e no reverse within the Automatic Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; i Have 98 chevy truck 3/4 ton. That clunk gets old after a while. Doctor Steve of Doctor Steve’s Transmission Clinic told us that, “There isn’t another transmission that has had the same design in production for 50 years!” These are four-speed transmissions outfitted with four forward gears and one reverse gear, are electronically controlled, and have a 25-percent overdrive gear. thanks Sep 05, 2006 · what causes no forward no reverse of transmission? The heavy equipment doesn't go forward or does't go reverse. 4L 4X4 1999-2000 GMC K2500 5. The 4L80E’s ratios from First to Reverse are: 2. See all 14 photos. Fifty years ago, the TH350 and the TH400 transmissions were a new Billet Aluminum Low Reverse Servo Piston - See More Info 4L80E Bushing Kit 1997+ 4L80E Forward Drum Kit 1997 Up. 5 turbo. Aug 24, 2012 · Forward and reverse in an 4l80 are hydraulic only. 8. Was able to limp it along in first to get back to work and park the truck, so it will inch along in first forward. There was some gunk in the bottom of pan but not a ridiculous amount. It isn't even trying to engage. There is no little clunk like usual. Pulled the pan today and didn't find any metal shavings at all in the bottom. When the reverse clutch within the transmission freezes up, it prevents the vehicle from going into any gear other than reverse. Transmission wont shift to second until 4500RPM, hasnt made it to third yet, no reverse (just rolls in reverse), Please help, read below THANKS!!! So I have a 1997 S10 prerunner with the 4. one morning at the shop where i work i did a tranns flush and new filter and pan gasket. Given my power level, I wanted a transmission that was more Sep 17, 2019 · The GM four-speed automatic transmissions with forward-shifting valve bodies such as the TH700R4, 4L60E, and 4L80E transmissions can feature a quarter stick shifter. rtreptow. Despite its name, the 4L80E is not an upgrade to its GM counterparts. I have a pressure gauge connected to the Port just above the neutral start switch. On the way there I notice no overdrive?? I have the 4L80 E trans Does this sound like a mechanical problem or electrical? THANKS K2500 with 4L80E has no forward gears only reverse Jul 04 2015, 6:24pm Hi, I have a 97 K2500 that was working mostly fine, it had some shift slipping issues when i would first start it up but i guessed that was happening because there was an oil leak and would fix itself after i added fluid. 4l80e no reverse. I have the same issue with a C4. 2004 chevy 2500hd with the 4l80e. 3 ls on 4l80e with segment swap tcc lock up issue Like title says 5. No previous signs of slippage, hesitation, stalling or lack of power whatsoever. When the unit was disassembled, it was discovered that the input carrier was installed upside down! This prevented the 1-2-3-4 housing splines from engaging the input carrier and resulted in no move, Forward or Reverse. How can I determine if I have a bad pump or a bad torch converter. Heavy Duty Forward Clutch Hub Updated Reverse Band Mine is a question. Here is a common complaint concerning the 4L80E Chevy transmissions: Question: Hay there,please help me out. Mar 20, 2010 · Reverse is achieved with the application of the Low/Reverse and Reverse Input clutches. Gm 6L80E transmission technical information. I shifted to Reverse - no reverse engagement. Brief history: The truck is a '92 silverado 3500 with a 454 and 4L80E, I bought the truck with no trans, the old one fried. All gears/shifting works great in both forward and reverse when vehicle is cold. What wll i do to repair it and what causes them I guess you could consider it successful. If you have tried moving the shifter around more you will have found that the vehicle moves fine in Reverse and will also pull away in 2nd and 1st ranges. 2nd 3rd and reverse but no drive. The sudden loss of reverse in a 4L60E or a T-700R4 is a common problem in respect to the actual amount of internal problems these transmission have. 7L 4X4 1999-2000 Chevrolet K2500 6. Jul 17, 2012 · x2. On the brake, Reverse holds strong and seems normal. No electrical takes place at that point. Cleaned up and repositioned magnet, still no reverse. 5 per bag. do tou have any thoughts on what i can do to fix the problem. Reverse works great though, no issues at all and you'd think there wasn't anything wrong. All of a sudden, put into reverse and engine just reves, dosen't even sound like it clicked into reverse. The GM 4L80E 4-speed overdrive transmission is the ultimate overdrive platform to suit virtually combination that requires the strongest overdrive transmission possible. I've got a 1992 chevy 2500 4x4 6. Mar 10, 2010 · What is wrong with a Chevy automatic transmission if you have forward gears but no reverse gear? Answer. Tried first, second, and overdrive positions and got nothing. 88. you can determine which with simple test: drive forward and shift up to say 2nd or 3rd gear, not above 20mph max! take foot off accelerator and pull shifter into Turbo 400 Performance Racing Transmissions by FTI Performance - FTI Level 3 TH400 Performance Racing Transmissions are built with Unbeatable Performance & Durability. I did the vss and iss and repinned the main transmission connector. Yesterday afternoon I slowed for a light in Barstow. The other day I added a tranny cooler and fixed a coolant leak. 5 turbo-diesel (4l80E) with no neutral and no reverse. Will fit all 1991 to 1996 models if 1997 and up reverse servo cover is used. 97-ON 1 4L80E. net is the home of the Transmission Rebuilders Network offering the leading transmission rebuilder forum in the transmission industry. 4L80E stuck with only 2nd gear and reverse. Hey guys, I recently had my 4L80E rebuilt with a trans brake valve body. Fits General Motors 4L80E and 4L85E 1991-2009. This weak link is prone to breakage while enduring the repetitive cycling that occurs in plow truck applications, when the boost valve has worn or when the pressure spikes. -Checked continuity with wires-Hooked up scan tool, no codes present ideas? The 4L80E transmission in my 1994 K3500 dually lost reverse suddenly. I took the truck off the stands and tried to back it out of the garage to get some room, and when I put the truck in reverse, it moved a few inches then wouldn't move any more. Normally, if the forward sprag in a torque converter is going bad or is broken, it will not allow the vehicle to move forward when in drive. Mfg Retail: $139. TRANSMISSION RANGE YEAR PART NO. I'm pretty sure it's the 4L80E but not positive. The other morning i went out to move one of our plow trucks. Those are the primary reasons that the 4L60E fails in reverse. The increased line pressure provides a harder, quicker shift and eliminates the lag time between shifts produced by automatic shift transmissions. Logic would tell me that forward clutch is not releasing, but I admit my li B&M Racing's GM 4L80E Street/Strip transmission is a complete ready to run unit (less converter) for high performance Street/Strip use for GM model years 1993 to 1996. tried to rev it in neutral if it may have a stuck forward clutch pack but that is fine too, it is not driving off in neutral like it would when clutch clearance is too tight. Was plowing snow. 5TD/4L80E 3. Long story short, old transmission is shot, new transmission that was a fresh build, will not engage any forward gears. i bought a 97 trans am with the lt1 and 4sp auto with 107,000 miles. At a minimum, the existing forward sprag should be disassembled and inspected closely for roller and race damage. 00 add to cart; 031755ahp power pack 4l80e 4l85e red eagle forward hp 1990-up $ 110. Found the USUAL Sun gear stripped out. TRNW. Features and upgrades include:Billet steel input shaftBillet steel intermediate shaftForged steel forward clutch hubCustom direct drum with Pro Mod 36 e Aug 18, 2017 · Build a Bombproof 4L80E Manual Valvebody Transmission Analog Overdrive. They both have identical or nearly identical gears, except for the addition of a fourth “overdrive” gear in the 4L80E that allows for better highway fuel mileage due to lower engine speeds at the same road speed. Restores sealing ring position in the forward drum. All too often a problem arises in the shop that just pushes our  Sonnax Transmission parts for GM 4L80-E applications. Was pretty impressed with the output shaft movement so I clicked a quick video. In this installation of the AMD 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396, a TCI 4L80E transmission is installed for some drivetrain Leading provider of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and drivetrain components for race, street/strip, hot rod, street rod and towing May 16, 2019 · Doctor Steve of Doctor Steve’s Transmission Clinic told us, “There isn’t another transmission that has had the same design in production for 50 years!” These are four-speed transmissions outfitted with four forward gears and one reverse gear, are electronically controlled, and have a 25-percent overdrive gear. No pressure rise forward, limited to 130 in reverse. 8 4x4 that is giving me some issues. I had the tranny rebuilt right when I bought the truck and had no idea it had a shift kit. It shares many components and design features. Step 3 Place the vehicle in park again and then move the shifter into the reverse position. it started slow. Our Process: All of our transmissions are fully remanufactured and are held to the highest and strictest industry standards. The 4L80-E is rated to max GVWR of 18,000 (Axle and vehicle dependent) The 4L80-E uses 2 shift solenoids, initially called Shift Solenoid A & Shift Solenoid B, later changed to comply with OBD II (On Board Diagnostics revision 2) regulations to 1-2 Shift Solenoid & 2-3 Shift solenoid. All forward gears working normally. -delayed engagement when shifting from park/reverse into any forward drive range. Decided I would take it up for the wash drive was still working. S. Includes spacers to set up end play and our patented High Temperature sealing rings for Forward, Direct and 4th Clutch 26,000 lbs 15 1/2" x 10" x 3/4" Transmission Oil Cooler kit. Designed for longitudinal engine configurations, the series included 4 forward gears. Year: 1991-96. THANKS ALL: Trans is rebuilt. What wll i do to repair it and what causes them? I have a 1045A2 with a 4L80E transmission. I ran the 25mph in 1st gear test and there is no compression braking. We also sourced Monster Transmission for a 300M input shaft, a steel forward hub, and an engine Aug 18, 2017 · Build a Bombproof 4L80E Manual Valvebody Transmission Analog Overdrive. 7 Automatic : Take it out of park, into drive or reverse, step on gas, rpm's fly, but won't move an inch. I can handle getting these assemblies out and changing them, no worr Jan 16, 2011 · 4L80E transmission Reverse works ok no forward gears. Anywho, lost reverse, all the forward gears are fine, fluid is normal, not foamed or burned. 6L 4X4 2002-2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 2500 8. I mounted the trans 4L80e on a friends engine stand and have been going over the manual and learning the parts inside the pan. 07. Cost From Us: $121. I pulled over and looked the situation over. Completely silent. To start off with, this swap is a bit of a handful, not the cheapest solution, and there are Mopar offerings that will hold power. 46390A 4L80E Transmission solenoid kit 91-03 4L80E transmission solenoid kit. Conclusion. Transmission will not shift into Drive or Reverse when warm. In reverse line pressure goes to the rev land of the pressure boost valve. two problems with the 4l80e one could be line pressure, the other the 80e has a fail safe that wont let the trans shift to reverse if it senses a speed of greater than 8mph. 4L80E With GPZ Clutch Pack® Module Forward, Direct GPZ 4L60E Clutch Pack® Module With GPZ 3rd, 4th Clutches Forward, Reverse, Stage-1™ Check out our Featured Products below TransGo will be closed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, returning the 26th Thursday We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year! 4L80E Reverse Servo Piston Assembly Complete No Raised Hump. 1,2,3 still work and shift fine just no overdrive. This cryptic description is GM’s way of saying this is an automatic Converter drain back most likely, try starting it in neutral and letting it run for a second. light duty trucks for 1991. no slipping whatsoever. Can be rolled when in neutral, but not when in P, R or N. The car is safe to drive (in 2) until you can get it fixed. The car also started making a whirring sound while driving in forward, which is slightly alarming. When put in reverse it clunks like its engaging, then won't move, no sign of moving. transmission problem-no reverse. 7L 4X4 1999-2000 GMC K2500 6. Chevy did something with the cars pcm and the problems went away. R&R. I have no power in reverse so I'm changing my rear servo because it seems to be worn out. Mar 28, 2019 · Hey all, Just drove home a 91 C3500 454 4L80E (yeah I know. We have built them for applications ranging from heavy towing vehicles to 1800+ HP street/strip cars. 95. No matter how much gas you give it, the truck doesn't move. I must try to find problems to be able to fix it. 5L 4X4 1999-2000 GMC K2500 7. 3 on 4l80e with segment swap under same OS# the transmission goes into gear fine but once it gets warm itll stall when i place it in drive. Let's just say that when the time comes for my built 4L80E,he is going to be heavily involved. It clunks like its in, but 100% freewheels. Ships with Synthetic Fluid Remanufactured 2000 GMC W4500 Forward Transmission Model# 4L80E for sale. 4L80E TECH NOTES TCC shudder at low rpm 1400 - 1700, however no codes, ratio is correct and no TCC slip rpm shown on movie and signal doesn’t change. My 93 4L80E lost it's forward gears yesterday, what's a likely failure point? Any chance it's electrical or certainly mechanical? Reverse works. Find Shifters, Automatic Transmission with Reverse Lockout and 4L80E Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! No 3rd or 4th gear: “3-4” clutches are worn out. TSB 08-07-30-001 – 2001-2006 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD 4L80E TSB PI488C – No forward or reverse and/or slipping – 6L80 Transmission | 6L90  19 May 2016 I can find all day where reverse is out or they have some forward gears. still have all forward Stuck pressure control solenoid valve [located in solenoid]. Reverse and and one forward gear gone points to sun shell. This billet aluminum reverse servo piston assembly puts an end to failure of the OEM cast aluminum reverse servo piston. Forward gears and Reverse just won't engage when moving column shifter. Nov 16, 2018 · TH400/4L80E REAR BAND ADJUSTMENT Latest. Re: no reverse 4l80E: Goodwin. i could take off and it would take a bit to grab,when it grabs,i'm ok till i take it out of gear,then i have to start over againg and nurse the trans till it grabs again. It will also be found in the heavy half-ton, such as the 1500HD, SS, or Denali truck with the 6. I have started disassembling the transmission while leaving it on the vehicle. Tests have proven that a 20 degree drop in transmission fluid temperature can double the life of automatic transmission components. This means there are no external linkages to be purchased, which saves some expense. This version (Part# 212000) has a reverse shift pattern and requires no vacuum hookups or kickdown linkage. Yes of course, it is made in the U. Anyway, after I jumped the Commando to start it I tried to back out andno joy. GM 4L80E technical information The 4L80E transmission is a four speed automatic with torque converter clutch. We provide an out-the-door price, with shipping, for a replacement remanufactured 4L80E transmission direct to the repair shop. Whether you need 4L80E wiring diagram information, 4L80E transmission rebuilders tips, 4L80E technical information, 4L80E diagnostics, 4L80E troubleshooting help, or just answers to your 4L80E transmission rebuilders question, the Transmission Rebuilders Network is the place to go! 34301078 GM 4L80E/400, THRUST WASHER, DIRECT HUB . We have in the shop this 94 Chevy Blazer 6. If the transmission is subjected to heavy use, an upgraded, full-complement roller forward sprag is strongly advised. Slipping or slow to go could be low fluid or filter stopped up. I pulled the pan and the magnet slid and half covered pick up on the filter. Reverse works great. I will be replacing soon. i have replaced just about everything and now my transmission is doing I have a 6. Is it possible that the engine was revving fast when reverse was engaged? Alternatively, was the vehicle moving forward? If so this can cause the sun shell to fail. The 4L65e transmission that usually sits behind the LQ9 in its truck applications is not the best suited for this job. 00 add to cart; 031757ahp powerpack 4l80e 4l85e red eagle intermediate hp 1991-up $ 98. 1L 4X4 2001-2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD 6. Anyway reverse it into the garage and check Nov 11, 2006 · No, If you do not have 1st gear engine braking or reverse, you have an issue with the low/reverse clutch pack. I have a 2004 chevy tahoe 4x4. Direct fit for all 1997 and up 4L80E transmissions. Not to mention the parts being mismachined by some idiot who can't read a caliper or drawing. Have not driven in a week or so, had to replace radiator because of leak, replaced radiator yesterday and it works fine, but now get no movement at all when out The Forward and Direct clutch friction plates are replaced with heavy duty performance friction plates. got it fixed, everything was fine. The brake DOES work, but reverse slams into and out of gear, and apparently the auto version locks up in forward gears, has no reverse, and will lock up when in manual low when the PCM commands 2nd. Apr 27, 2014 · All of a sudden no reverse out of the blue. PUMP PA R T S • Boost valve kit (34200-01K) The 4L80E and its variants were in production from 1991-2010 and can be identified by the 17 bolt oil pan and 4 forward gears. Line flows past the clearance of #14 land into the #14 circuit Nov 08, 2013 · Haven't put oil in transmission and checked all linkages . I left it in Reverse for 5 to 10 seconds thinking it will engage once the 'air is pushed out from the pump and valve body veins'and that's when the Check Engine light came on. 4L 4X4 2002-2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 6. -Will manually shift into 1st, but in 2nd, D, and OD starts and stays in 2nd. The apply area itself is altered to allow use of the entire piston area for apply in the forward drum. 3L and auto transmission, not sure what kind of tranny but its pretty standard in all the s10's and Find Shifters, Automatic Transmission with 4L80E Transmission Type and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Need a little advice on a 4L80E repair. It shifts hard in all forward gears, but slams into reverse off idle, and has a weak reverse (chatter). 078, 5/SET This washer takes up excessive play caused by worn hard parts. TH400 FORWARD CLUTCH HUB AND MAINSHAFT IDENTIFICATION. Services 1997-UP Style Assemblies w/ Hump. M. If I let it cool, all is good again. My transmission blew while on a trip to PA, so I went and got it with a trailer. If the solenoids failed it would resort to 2nd gear limp mode and leave you with 2nd and reverse. i can crank it up and go normally it shifts fine ,then come home turn it off crank it right back up and no movement at all no forward or reverse Haven't put oil in transmission and checked all linkages . (2-4 seconds on average) There was no noise, no smell, it was a big surprise. Got in and no more forward gears. Started it up and put it in drive and it wouldnt move. What is this seal and what did it come off of ? Is it my problem with no reverse ? Jul 03, 2010 · the way it feels is like very weak reverse (when in neutral + t-brake) and no t-brake function when in first. Feb 16, 2014 · A shift solenoid will not cause reverse but no forward. 2 diesel from ,91 now ,tranny 4L80E. cept I wasnt going to sink any more money into that piece of crap…They didn’t know it, but the dealer had me by the cajones since I couldn’t back out of their parking spot and I wasn’t going to push it out of there. If you have ran into this problem then you likely have a broken Forward Apply Band. Dec 09, 2012 · How to fix No Reverse in GM 4L80-E GM Automatic Transmission Loss of R for FREE - Duration: GM 4L80E reverse servo pin measuring tool how to also works on TH-400 and 4L85E - Duration: 5:55. #sk 4l80e. Feb 14, 2008 · I went out to the garage today to take my 1991 gmc 3500 4x4 up to yhe car wash and no reverse??? checked the fluid it was fine. This is a computer controlled transmission first introduced in G. I then shifted back to Park and let it sit for a minute. Luckily I didn't force it to get home otherwise there'd been more damage. Limp Mode. No, create an account now. ” 4L80E Transmission with Free Shipping, new lower prices on 4L80E 4x4, 4L80-E, 4L80, Heavy Duty 4L80E and other Monster 4L80E Transmissions Description. I know the shifter is going to the reverse position correctly as the reverse lights come on. please help May 10, 2010 · I have a HMMWV with the 4L80E that has no forward I have a hmmwv with the 4L80E that has no forward or reverse - Cars & Trucks question May 19, 2018 · All of this extra room allows for added durability while retaining four forward gears and reverse. If the 4L80E is only working in second gear and reverse, then it has gone into limp mode. 9. By 1700 rpm problem disappears. Again, on jack stands I get forward wheel movement in Drive, but on the ground there is not enough there to power/move the truck forward. Reverse WORKS Drive DOES NOT WORK 1st gear DOES NOT WORK 2nd gear DOES NOT WORK When I pick Drive, 1st or 2nd with the select lever, I hear nothing. We also install a Billet forward clutch hub. michael: 4-18-16 : I too have a 4l80e tranns with no reverse all forward gears work great. Any chance its something stupid and Jul 30, 2014 · Supposedly it has no reverse and no natural, but shifts through the forward gears just fine. 2 months go by and no money so repo the truck back not to find out later he was pulling a 3 axle stamp 3/4 inch steel trailor with inline 6 cummins out of a big rig. But durability is significantly increased. The 4L80E is the descendant of the “Ole Reliable” TH400 transmission. Only Honda transmissions and the TAAT used in Saturns use an individual clutch pack for each gear. One of its lesser points is the cast aluminum reverse servo piston. 45mm Orifi ce). parked the car over night, the next morning i started it up, put it in reverse and But no, there was no forward engagement whatsoever. We also sourced Monster Transmission for a 300M input shaft, a steel forward hub, and an engine (Bonded Rubber) . put it into reverse runs like its in nutral. Sudden grinding noise with no prior warning primarily in 2nd gear, behavior in reverse may be abnormal; sunshell is fractured. Dec 20, 2011 · 4l80e only want to go forward even in neutral! the story is the truck only goes forward! even in neutral! has NO reverse at all. Dec 08, 2017 · This is my how-to for swapping any GM transmission into a 4th gen Ram 1500 that currently has a 545/65rfe. -Checked for power at the ECM and checked grounds. Hi ! First i have to tell you guys im from sweden and my english is not so good. Aug 08, 2013 · A give you a performance guide to the GM 4L80E Transmission and help out with the driveline of your next build. 443 A C 4L80E (MT-1), 4L85E (MN8) 4 SPEED RWD (Electronic Control) Revision 06/2019 1999-2000 Chevrolet K2500 5. Typically, when a car will move in reverse, but not in forward, the transmission is having issues. The only way to retrive trouble codes is with a scanner such as Tech 2 , snap-on, otc or equivelent. Re: 4L80E Transmission Problems: james d smith: 7-25-08 : Thank you for taking my question,A friend of mine wanted to buy my 1994 gmc 2500 4x4 diesel 6. if you see no fluid try to drive it with the plug unplugged in reverse. The manufacturer of the valve body said that I needed to turn the pressure up in reverse all the way. 00, 0. The 4L80E transmission is the advanced progeny of the legendary TurboHydramatic TH400 automatic transmission, and is based heavily on the 400 in both parts and strength, yet featuring an added overdrive gear, a lock-up torque converter and advanced electronic controls. Is this a common issue with the 4l80e?? or does anybody know what causes this most of the time?? He wants $3000 and it has no A/C and no power windows or locks and needs rusty floor pans replaced. Overall, the 4L80E is a fairly heavy duty transmission. Randall Schroeder. The forward clutch hub of the GM4L80E has been known to break in competition applications or vehicles with over 1000 horsepower/1000 foot pounds Hughes Performance part number 25-3X is an Extreme Duty Street/Strip 4L80E transmission with full manual shift, transbrake, and a forward shift pattern (P-R-N-4-3-2-1). Works beautifully in all forward gears so pressure is there. I might be moving slow but thats ok. Would the ignition switch keep it from moving sometimes . Can anyone . * 4L80E, 4L85E, MT1, MN8-----* Servo pin extender-- Use to fix slipping or no reverse condition caused by moderately worn reverse band. This transmission shifted smooth and strong through all gears until today when it stopped all of a sudden to engage either Drive or Reverse. I have also noticed 2 days before my push button 4x4 indicator automatically went to the red and out of 2wd. TH400 Transmission Case Identification and Interchange. Now I'm thinking of selling it to raise funds for a crate motor for the Elky. The Street/Strip 4L80E transmission is packed with performance features such as providing firm shifts, a high energy intermediate band, new overdrive sprag assembly, new low 608 results for: "4l80e" Sort By: true Most Relevant false Price (Low to High) false Price (High to Low) false Brand (A - Z) false Brand (Z - A) Most Popular false Specials false Newest Items Per Page: 15 30 60 90 180 These modifications will also result in a much firmer apply into gear from neutral or park to reverse or drive. May 04, 2018 · If reverse suddenly fails with no warning, it’s very likely to be the sun shell. I have a HMMWV with the 4L80E that has no forward or reverse movement. At Jake’s Performance the 4L80E is our most popular transmission. I put it in and everything worked fine but it had no reverse, had very high line pressure in reverse above 450 psi. 53,000 miles crossing the southern Cal hills. Introduced alongside the original 4L60 in the early 90’s the 4L80E was designed for large trucks and is designed as a heavy duty unit, rather than a transmission for smaller cars or even some pickups. Fluid is red with no abnormal smells. Rarely driven without the trailer behind. -Swapped ECM as I had a spare laying around and it didn't fix it. Does it have all forward gears? Here is the list of probables for No reverse, first chart is for 4L80E trans, and second for 4L60E. Won't engage forward gears either. I am trying to remove the pin for the servo arm and I'm stuck on the valve body removal. Sep 05, 2006 · what causes no forward no reverse of transmission? The heavy equipment doesn't go forward or does't go reverse. 5 desiel with the 4l80e trans. broke tranny mount again, so i planned to drive it very nice until i had a chance to replace it again. shift kit, 4l80e transgo, 1991-up $ 87. I have seen several problems with the 4L60e transmission series. Never sliped or failed all day. 75, and 2. It does have tranny hold back when put in first and letting off the gas at 25mph. Cause: Likely problem here is the end of the park rod is breaking and its holding the truck in park still. I'm 92% sure it's the shift kit. Low/reverse band and direct clutch on at the same time get you reverse. ATF Custom Spec Race Torque Converter for Toyota 2JZ to 4L80E Applications. In reverse 600-800 psi is common. Transmission electrical diagnosis troubleshooting help on all your transmission problems or questions. A. I gradually lose reverse (it slips) when it heats up. EGR valve spring weak causing lean burn miss in engine, feels like a miss but runs great otherwise even at stall. i have reverse but no forward. I was driving down the road about 55 up a slight hill then I hear a pop and my tahoe stops pulling and no reverse either it just revs up. has a 454 with a 4l80e tranny. You will have to drill a new pair of rear APT Performance Features: Modified & Updated pump New Performance Hi-Energy clutch & steel kit New Performance bands TCI 300m input shaft New 34 Element intermediate sprag New Updated bushing Kit with special No Walk case bushing All new electronics To control the 4L80E Revenger we have 3 options Automatic or full manual forward valvebody or GM 4L80E Performance Transmission Level 2 quantity. I went into reverse, but when I hit the gas, I heard a loud pop and a whine that died out over about 4 seconds. Jan 22, 2012 · Engine braking in manual 1st: we know the Low/Reverse Band is capable of holding. Overall, the 4L80E is a fairly heavy-duty transmission. Tried manually shifting to 1st 2nd and 3rd and it would not move in any of those gears. PIS03 172B Piston, Forward Clutch (Bonded With 3. Should be really fun to pull it apart and see what I broke this time Output shaft play. It will bolt up to the stock CUCV flywheel and engine with no issues. The 4L80E usually came behind the higher horsepower 2500 HD Silverado and Sierra twins. but not where they have reverse and NO forward gears. Waa Laa my first clue is I found a small O-ring seal. Hughes Performance offers both standard shift and reverse pattern manual valve bodies. its in a 94 Chevy k2500. There is no "1st clutch pack" in this transmission. Nov 16, 2015 · Hey all, I have my 2000 Silverado 1500 4. a. Not sure what they did though. 4L80e Transmission Rebuild. Immediate failure due to case, direct clutch drum or piston breakage. As mentioned above you could have a bad seal on the reverse band servo. Isn't the 4l80e like the 4l60e and the inputs only control shift points and lockup much like a old school TV cable? I had weird shifting issues with my 97 camaro but mine were not no forward gears just very weird shift points. 5L 4X4 1999-2000 Chevrolet K2500 7. if does then you have damaged clutches etc. Secondly if the planetary gearset is broken you wouldnt have reverse second or fourth in most cases. 00 add to cart Oh, and on this 70 failure I lost all forward gears. My car, a 2000 (2001?) Chevy Blazer won’t go into reverse as of 2am last night. 4L80E Billet Reverse Servo: When failure is not an option Overall, the 4L80E is a fairly heavy-duty transmission. Includes spacers to set up end play and our patented High Temperature sealing rings for Forward, Direct and 4th Clutch A quick rundown of parts: LSx, F2 ProCharger, Circle D lockup torque converter with 3500 stall speed, 4L80E transmission, Holley Dominator ECU. In forward ranges low pressure results. 4L60E No Reverse Bulletin Nonspecific Car Forums . Hughes Performance has a 4L80E transmission available for practically any engine combination and power level. everything worked great, tranny never slipped, never clunked, no weird noises then i broke a tranny mount. All forward gears seem to work ok. PIS05 172B Piston, Forward Clutch (Bonded With 4. This is also not to uncommon in 4L80E's. Reverse works fine. Sep 23, 2014 · After installation the unit would not engage Forward or Reverse, nor would it complete the SFL process. It is not an electrical issue, reverse is all hydraulically controlled on a 4L80E, it will have reverse and direct forward even when unplugged. I rebuilt it about two months ago. 42 gear The trans shifts great in all forward gears, no codes, and locks up the torque converter as it should. When I rev up, nothing happens. include two (2) shift solenoids, one (1) EPC solenoid, one (1) lockup solenoid, one (1) pressure manifold switch No Reverse Followed by No Forward or Reverse, GM and BMW Applications 6L50, MP1622G, MP3025G Transfer Case Shift Concerns Colorado and Canyon Applications 6L50 Updated Pendulum Torque Converter 6L50/80/90 No Reverse After Valve Body Replacement 6L80/90 No 4th, 5th, 6th Gears, Possible DTC P0796 Burnt 2-6 Clutch Hi everyone, This is my first post. i would first unplug the main plug for the trans, it can leak fuild into the plug and short the pins and cause all sorts of problems. The 4L80E has proven reliable like it’s predecessor. Im living these exact problems. If there was no engine braking in manual low, there may be a mechanical issue with the Low/Reverse Band (we will confirm this in the last part of these three test areas) or a valve body issue such as a missing or leaking checkball. shut off engine in reverse and see if truck will roll, if wont then this is your problem. Thuds right in and off we go backwards Feb 07, 2014 · The AMD project car has been through some problems since we last updated. definitely not something I would normally buy) and was curious as to what kind of list of repairs I am looking at with a 4L80E that has no reverse and runs hot in forward gears. All of our remanufactured hard parts are completely disassembled and cleaned in a special solvent. The drums are then modified to accept additional friction plates. Then, no more reverse. I have been asked many times “why has my Chevy Suburban lost reverse all of a sudden and only seems to have 2 forward speeds and make a racket if I drive it” more times than I can recall. My reverse works with no problem its just my drive that stalls. reverse went out. That would be the 4L80E automatic transmission. but apperantly i was a lil to happy a few days ago. Neither of these two components are used for low gear except for one in only one gear lever position. PIS06 172B Piston, Forward Clutch 4 L 8 0 - E Part No. 00 add to cart; 031756hp powerpack, th400 / 4l80e, direct red eagle performance, 1964-1995 $ 146. Top 10 Install Problems - Part 1 Symptoms of problems with the switch can include no reverse, no forward upshifts, or neutralizing when accelerating from a stop Save $10 off $150, $20 off $250, $40 off $500, $100 off $1,000 Orders Promo Code: SANTA exclusions apply Last Day for Ground Shipping Dec 19 The forward sprag can also be a wear item, and should be available. Aug 25, 2017 · GM’s 4L80E overdrive automatic is the latest in a continuing legacy of rugged Turbo-Hydramatic transmissions from Chevrolet. fluid wasn't burnt checked the servo pin looks good can't figure out why it won't go into reverse. 17mm Orifi ce). I read no pressure at all. All forward gears work well but I do not have reverse. Try not to run or drive the car or further damage could result. 0L Aug 02, 2017 · 1) How to put a 4L80E where a TH400 used to live? 2) How to mount a NP205 to a 4L80E? To answer the 4L80E question first. The apply chart tells me that the only likely problems are 1) forward clutch and 2) low roller clutch. No Reverse No 4th and No 5th No and/or Slow Engagement 5R55N/W/S Flow Control Valve Delayed Engagement No Movement No Rear Lube Tube Delayed/Lack of engagement Forward and Reverse Pump Noise MIL ON or No Shift After Service Code 28 and P0705 #8 Thrust Washer Removed No TSS signal/B Clutch Drum Change Ticking Noise in P&N at Idle No 3rd or 4L80E Transmission HD Billet Reverse Servo . 5td 4l80e -95  22 Jan 2012 Diagnosing the Elusive NO REVERSE with the 4L80-E. The 4L80-E (RPO MT1) is rated to handle engines with up to 440 ft·lbf (597 N·m) of torque. Made in the USA by Adapt-A-Case. Reverse works perfectly. 0L 4X4 1999-2004 Chevrolet Silverado… 1995 GMC Sierra k1500, 350, 5. This weak link is prone to breakage while enduring the repetitive cycling that occurs in plow truck applications, when the boost valve has worn or when the pressure OK I have a TH400 in my V3500. Codes can be cleared by The Novak Guide to the GM 4L80E Automatic Transmission Introduction. Typically, this transmission is found in the heavier duty trucks and vans; mostly the 2500 and 3500 series. But sinds twoo weeks it has no reverse anymore. 4 Oct 2012 GM Drivetrain & Suspension - troubleshooting 4l80e, reverse, no forward - After blowing up my g80 which took out my driveshaft and pinion  14 Feb 2008 If it lost reverse and forward at the same time it's not likely a hard parts failure. I have a 2000 van with the 4l80e, no forward gears but reverse works. Is this a hydraulic pressure issue or - Hummer H1 question 4180e No reverse. PIS01 172B Piston, Forward Clutch (Bonded Lip Seal) . 91-ON 1 4L80E. The details, 40 foot motorhome and 20 foot racecar trailer. SC-4L80E Transmission Reconditioning Kit FULL COMPAT I B I L I T Y • Full compatibility with 1991 and up. A good vehicle is composed of more than just a good engine. was working jsut fine backuped to park and then next day wont go - Answered by a verified GM Mechanic Apr 26, 2009 · I have a 4L60E transmission with no forward or reverse gears. This clutch pack can be totally omitted from the transmission and the feed hole plugged and you would still have 1st gear forward range, you just would not have any engine braking in 1st gear. Neutral is forward gear and Reverse just revs up. Reverse still worked interestingly enough. I see more of this on the 00-02 model years but it does occur on other years as well. 4L80E-HTRK TEFLON RING KIT, TRANSGO 4L80E / 4L85E, 1991-2009. No power results in 2nd Gear as 'Limp home mode'. I mean to say, when i shift in to R , i feel the klick and it seems it will go reverse but it not The problem is internal to the trans, and there are several possibilities. 3rd/OD acts up and sometimes never hits, in which because of the Northstar computer after so long of no shift it automatically defaults to 2nd gear. * Accumulator seals -- Replace these seals while you have the reverse servo piston removed from the transmission and. By doing a segment swap, I was able to resolve all Trans related DTCs. in your hand. For 1 months ago i bought a Chevrolet Suburban 6. 5R55S Stage-1™ Performance Module Coast, Overdrive, Direct Stage-1™ 5R55S Direct Stage-1™ 5R55S Forward Stage-1™ 5R55S AODE, 4R70W Stage-1™ Performance Module Direct HP Stage-1™ Direct HP Stage-1™, (Retrofits To ‘80) Forward, Reverse, Stage-1™ Intermediate Red, Stage-1™ (Retrofits To ‘80) The 4L80-E (and similar 4L85-E) was a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors. IT has under 1000 miles on it. These are relatively simple but are best done during a rebuild or by a professional transmission technician. The shifter also comes with a detent activation to curb missed shifts, neutral safety switch, and an NHRA- and IHRA-compliant reverse lock-out. What this means to you is the fact you are getting a quality product that meets or exceeds the OEM standards, not just a part that is taken apart and “patched”. Driving without problems for 8 years a 3500 K dually 6. 4l80e no forward or reverse